Winter message from the EO

One of the questions I am asked most often is what is the process that women and families go through when they come to Mary's House? Other than providing shelter and food, what does Mary's House do for these families?

Obviously, each situation is different but let me give you some idea of the types of things that our professional staff do to help women seeking refuge in Mary's House.

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Two good

Our extended family - Two Good

When Mary's House was still just an idea in a few people's minds, Rob Caslick from Two Good was already on board offering support. Rob used his past connections as an engineer to link the Mary's House Steering Committee with all sorts of architects and builders who ultimately helped Mary's House become a reality.

As soon as Mary's House opened its doors, Rob was there again, in his capacity as co-founder of Two Good providing fresh salads and soups to the women each week. Two Good uses the "buy one give one" model. For every meal bought buy a customer, Two Good donate one to a refuge. This concept has been extended to christmas gift packs and beautiful toiletry packs. You can participate in their latest campaign with Vogue and Jac+ Jack, where for each Jac+ Jack outfit you purchase a second one goes to Mary’s House (use coupon code MARY when purchasing). See the campaign here Jac+Jack

Over the past year Two Good has started a charitable foundation, called the Two Good Foundation. They run EquiTABLE dinners to provide a memorable good food evening to those who would otherwise not be able to enjoy such a night. Again it is based on the "buy one give one" model. It has proved to be so successful that it was even written up in the SMH Good Food section: Two Good

Two Good are a valued member of our extended family.

Liz Mackinlay

Update from the Chair

This quarter, we welcome Adjunct Professor Janine Loader to our Board. Janine is the Chief Executive Officer of the Mater Private Hospital on Sydney's North Shore and she brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and wisdom to our Board.  The Mater Private Hospital, a facility of St Vincent's Health, are a special partner to Mary's House, providing a major funding grant to cover our ongoing operational costs and we're grateful for Janine, the Mater and St Vincent's Health commitment to ending violence against women.   At a recent NSWBA Board meeting, I was also confirmed as Chair of the Board for the next 18 months and I continue to be profoundly grateful for the commitment and work of all of the members of the NSWBA Board.

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Mary's House Rossi Room

The 'Rossi Room' unveiled

In recognition of the contribution of Emma Rossi and the Rossi family to the creation and establishment of Mary's House, one of the rooms in the house has been designated "The Rossi Room".

The plaque was unveiled by Maggy Farago on 8 May, 2018 with Emma in attendance and to cheers from the residents 

The Board sincerely thank Emma for her dedication over the past three years to Mary's House.

mary's house yoga

Healing through yoga

There is a growing solid body of evidence that modified yoga; taught by specially trained individuals in a therapeutic context, is an amazing tool for healing and empowering people who have experienced trauma. The objective of Trauma Sensitive Yoga is not to dredge up emotions or memories, but instead to help clients have a heightened sense of body awareness, embodiment, choice and empowerment. Together with lululemon our friends at woke yoga sydney are now providing trauma sensitive yoga to the refuge along with the front line workers and volunteers of Mary’s house. A BIG thank you to lululemon for supporting us and giving the gift of yoga.

Mary's House Family

Mary's House Family

We are very privileged to have many members of the Mary's House family who offer support in a myriad of ways. Here are a few who helped us over the past few months and an upcoming fundraiser to which you are invited.

Bunnings are one of many organisations who offer us ongoing support. Over the Christmas period they donated some much needed storage cupboards for our shed. Our Lady of the Way parish youth group, under the leadership of Michael Paton,  then spent a very hot couple of days in January installing the cupboards and cleaning up our shed. Many thanks to Bunnings and the Youth Group.

Mary's House - Literary Lunch

Literary Lunch

In February, Lumix Wealth hosted a Literary Lunch at the Northbridge Golf Club. Fiona Sussman, author of Shifting Colours, spoke to a room full of women (and a sole gentleman) about her life and how she came to be a writer. Raffle and lucky door prizes were donated by more members of our family: Two Good, Northbridge Quilters, Chanel and Zjoosh.  It was a wonderful day. A big thank you to all involved.

Maggy Farago

Maggy Farago

Maggy has now held the position of Executive Officer for six months. Maggy brings a wealth of experience in Domestic Violence and homelessness having  previously  run DV and homeless shelters. Maggy has extensive experience in the court system supporting victims of DV and their children. 

We asked Maggy what her initial impressions of Mary's House were:

Although my initial impression was that Mary’s House appears operationally very different from any of my previous government-funded services, it took me very little time to embrace the benefits of the Mary’s House model.

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Emma Rossi

Emma Rossi

Liz Mackinlay, Roger Williams, Richard Harpham and Julie Stewart, the Board members of the North Shore Women's Benevolent Association, want to sincerely thank Emma Rossi who has retired from the Board. Emma is one of our founding Board members. She is a passionate and tireless advocate for the well-being of women and their children experiencing domestic violence.

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Mary's House special donor

A special Donor

A big thank you to the many people and organisations who donate to Mary's House each year.  We'd like to highlight one such donor.  Annie is a year 6 student at St Philip Neri School. The Parents and Friends at St Philip Neri supported Mary's House through their Christmas party. After hearing about what Mary's House does, Annie decided that instead of presents for Christmas she wanted to receive money which she would then donate to us. As requested, all her family gave her money. You can see Annie here presenting the cheque to Maggy Farago, our executive officer and Richard Harpham, one of our board members.

Mummies Paying It Forward

Mummies paying it forward

Mary's House does not operate in isolation. We couldn’t provide our families with this safe haven without support from a whole range of people and organisations.  We like to think of it as the Mary's House family. One member of this family is Mummies Paying it Forward.

Mummies Paying it Forward is a charity, who collect new and good condition used items for mothers and children in need - "From those who have a lot to give to those who are in need".

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