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Mary's House and Steadfast team

Women in insurance

Photo: Michael Gill, Emma Rossi, the Steadfast Team

In April 2016, the Board of Steadfast Foundation resolved to provide significant financial support to Mary’s House for the next three years, becoming the first significant corporate donor to do so.

But the support did not finish there. Steadfast Foundation is part of the Steadfast Group, which has a history of supporting many aspects of the insurance industry including Women in Insurance.

The Association for Women in Insurance, a not for profit organisation, was formed:

  • for the purpose of raising the awareness of the contribution professional women make to the insurance and financial services industry; and
  • to provide professional women in the insurance and finance services industry with a much needed networking forum.

As the sponsor of a spring lunch for Women in Insurance, Steadfast offered Mary’s House the opportunity to use the lunch to promote the services provided to women and children in need due to domestic violence to an audience of approximately 500 lunch guests at Darling Harbour.

Mary’s House played a powerful video, distributed brochures and Board Director, Emma Rossi gave the audience a powerful speech. The messages were touching and much appreciated.

Thanks again to all at Steadfast.

Michael Gill

Mary’s House Member

Women in insurance


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