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Photo: Roger Williams and Emma Rossi, Mary’s House Board Directors, Trent Zimmerman MP, Moira de Vos, North Sydney Sunrise Rotary Club

White Ribbon Day

Photo: Roger Williams and Emma Rossi, Mary’s House Board Directors, Trent Zimmerman MP, Moira de Vos, North Sydney Sunrise Rotary Club

Federal Member for North Sydney, Trent Zimmerman MP, has been a big supporter of Mary’s House and delivered a speech during White Ribbon events in Federal Parliament at the end of November, 2016. An excerpt from his speech is below.

As the immediate past president of the North Sydney Sunrise Rotary Club, Trent also brought a fundraising proposal to the club, financial assistance which was matched by the Rotary Foundation.

‘It is the largest donation that our club has made this year,’ said Rotary Club of North Sydney Sunrise, President Dr Iain Clark. ‘We consider it a most worthy cause.’

Here is an excerpt from Trent’s speech (on video) made in the House of Representatives on 28 November, 2016:

‘Domestic violence knows no boundaries.  Affluence, education or geography do not define its occurrence.

 Support for the victims of domestic violence therefore needs to available across our cities and towns.

 In my own electorate, I know there is a critical need for crisis support for women and children fleeing abusive domestic circumstances. 

 There are too few women’s refuges north of the Harbour Bridge – less than can be counted on one hand.  

 There is the need for many more.

 In one positive development, earlier this month a new women’s refuge opened in our region.

 Mary’s House has come about through the work of the North Sydney Women’s Benevolent Association with the support of our local Jesuit parish.

 It will provide physical shelter, as well as support services, to women and their children fleeing domestic violence.

 I want to acknowledge the incredible volunteer efforts of its organising committee, with the financial and in-kind support of so many individuals and businesses – from the Mater Hospital to groups like the North Sydney Sunrise Rotary Club. 

 I am also pleased that the federal government was able to contribute towards the costs of security.

 Safe places like Marys House can make the difference.  They can save lives and assist women when they are most vulnerable. 

 But they help treat the systems and not the causes of domestic violence.

 Which is why I hope that all Australians will spend some time tomorrow on White Ribbon Day thinking about how they can stand up, or speak out and act to end violence against women.’

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