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Two good

Our extended family - Two Good

When Mary's House was still just an idea in a few people's minds, Rob Caslick from Two Good was already on board offering support. Rob used his past connections as an engineer to link the Mary's House Steering Committee with all sorts of architects and builders who ultimately helped Mary's House become a reality.

As soon as Mary's House opened its doors, Rob was there again, in his capacity as co-founder of Two Good providing fresh salads and soups to the women each week. Two Good uses the "buy one give one" model. For every meal bought buy a customer, Two Good donate one to a refuge. This concept has been extended to christmas gift packs and beautiful toiletry packs. You can participate in their latest campaign with Vogue and Jac+ Jack, where for each Jac+ Jack outfit you purchase a second one goes to Mary’s House (use coupon code MARY when purchasing). See the campaign here Jac+Jack

Over the past year Two Good has started a charitable foundation, called the Two Good Foundation. They run EquiTABLE dinners to provide a memorable good food evening to those who would otherwise not be able to enjoy such a night. Again it is based on the "buy one give one" model. It has proved to be so successful that it was even written up in the SMH Good Food section: Two Good

Two Good are a valued member of our extended family.

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