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Maggy Farago

Maggy Farago

Maggy has now held the position of Executive Officer for six months. Maggy brings a wealth of experience in Domestic Violence and homelessness having  previously  run DV and homeless shelters. Maggy has extensive experience in the court system supporting victims of DV and their children. 

We asked Maggy what her initial impressions of Mary's House were:

Although my initial impression was that Mary’s House appears operationally very different from any of my previous government-funded services, it took me very little time to embrace the benefits of the Mary’s House model.

After 20 years in the Domestic Violence and Homelessness sectors, delivering services to both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, it is most satisfying to work in a new way and achieve the same or at times even better results.

How could anyone not look forward every day to working in an environment underpinned by good will, generous donors, hard-working and enthusiastic unpaid employees (aka volunteers) and a dedicated Board of Directors who collectively ensure every need for the Mary’s House operation is met.

Six months into my tenure as Executive Officer of Mary’s House I can say that I feel privileged to head up the Mary’s House Family.

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