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Emma Rossi

Emma Rossi

Liz Mackinlay, Roger Williams, Richard Harpham and Julie Stewart, the Board members of the North Shore Women's Benevolent Association, want to sincerely thank Emma Rossi who has retired from the Board. Emma is one of our founding Board members. She is a passionate and tireless advocate for the well-being of women and their children experiencing domestic violence.

She was instrumental in establishing Mary's House and has continued to play an active role on the Board since we opened in November 2016. Emma has been responsible for the publicity and communication for Mary's House since its inception. Without her, we would not have the positive profile we enjoy today. On the eve of her retirement, we  sincerely thank Emma for her contribution to Mary's House.  

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Board Update: August 2019

The NSWBA Board held our monthly meeting on Monday 29th July during which we discussed the progress of our 2019 restructure.  In consultation with a wide variety of our stakeholders, it has become apparent that we've matured as an organisation to the point that we would benefit from having a paid Volunteer Coordinator.