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Mary's House Media Release

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report

New national report sheds a light on the need for women’s refuges as domestic violence statistics barely shift since 2005.

Board Chair of Mary’s House Liz Mackinlay says ‘The figures released today are deeply saddening, however not at all surprising. The report paints an alarming picture for women aged 20-34 and children under the age of 15.

The report shines a light on the increase of women turning to domestic violence services for support with 13.1% seeking refuge [1] when fleeing from an abusive partner. This is a strong reminder of how important women’s refuges, such as our own, are a crucial part in helping to save these women’s lives and the work we still have left to do.’

Mary’s House a women’s refuge based on the lower North Shore provides sanctuary and safety to women and their children. The refuge works closely with social workers and community services to enable these women and their children to stabilise their lives, secure new housing and help establish a better future.

The report today validates the need of women’s refuges such as the work done at Mary’s House, which relies heavily on the support of volunteers and community who work tirelessly to secure a safe future for domestic violence victims.


  • Mary’s House is a women’s refuge based on Sydney’s lower North Shore
  • Provides refuge to up to 5 families (women and children only)
  • Works closely with social workers and community services to transition women from abusive homes to their own safe and stable housing
  • Relies solely on community and corporate support to continue their work.

For all media queries, please contact:

Emma Taylor, Fundraising and Communication Officer
Mary’s House

0432 445 206

Figures based on the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report: Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia: continuing the national story, 2019 [1}

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