Mary’s House is a community-funded refuge on the lower north shore of Sydney accepting clients of all cultures and denominations from all around Australia.

Single women, as well as women with children are supported at the refuge. Women of all faiths, no faith and all cultures are welcomed.

Mary’s House is symbolic of the community’s commitment to say no to domestic violence, to reduce risk of harm from domestic violence and save lives.


The refuge offers respite when clients are at their most vulnerable which clients often remark “gives them time to breathe”.

Mary’s House Refuge supports up to four families, accepting women and their children escaping domestic violence and is able to connect to external services to secure the safety and support to seek alternative housing of pets with local services if required. It’s a beautiful and functional home, especially appointed to provide safety as well as a sense of belonging.


Clients often arrive with just the clothes on their backs. Once their physical and safety needs are addressed, the process of supporting them to rebuild their lives begins.  Immediate support and accommodation includes the essentials of food, clothing and shelter, however it’s the support services provided by Mary’s House social workers that really help clients get back on their feet. Mary’s House team of qualified social workers all work closely with clients to develop a tailored plan for them to move forward with their lives in line with their own goals and needs.


The operations team at Mary’s House Services helps to establish clients in accommodation setting them up with what they need to start again.

Relocation services include transitional housing which helps clients establish a rental history, or rental accommodation, perhaps requiring bridging loans, removal services, or the purchase of appliances and furniture if required.

We are fortunate to receive lots of offers of donations in-kind. All we ask is that items offered are in as-new condition.

Mary’s House Refuge is supported enthusiastically by community members and volunteers, providing the practical necessities, financial support and community services to settle families into positive new lives.

Clients of Mary’s House Refuge also have access to the wrap-around resources of the Daisy Centre which provides on-going support into the future.

Most clients of Mary’s House refuge are referred by domestic violence support organisations such as:

  • the NSW Domestic Violence Line on 1800 65 64 63
  • Lifeline 13 11 14

If you are in danger, call 000.

For more information on Mary’s House refuge, or to refer clients, please call 1800 002 111 during business hours.