What Is the Daisy Centre?

Symbolic of hope and new beginnings, the Daisy Centre provides services to women experiencing domestic and family violence. It is a physical and virtual, safe place providing tailored services meeting the individual needs of clients at their level of comfort.

Operated by Mary’s House Services, the Daisy Centre is supported by the generosity of the community where clients can access continuous support while they navigate options before, during and after escaping a domestic violence situation.


Many women experiencing domestic violence do not know how to escape. The Daisy Centre is the ideal starting point. Women can come for information and advice, attend psychoeducational programs, or simply use a phone or computer in private.


The Daisy Centre is staffed by qualified social workers who are experienced working in the area of domestic violence and who work alongside women and support them to make their own choices. By providing information and advice, they help clients regain their own agency (often taken away by their abuser) and understand the likely or possible implications and consequences of their decisions.

Social workers refer clients to legal, financial and other professional services as needed and work with them to develop a safety plan. Daisy Centre staff are here to support women as they navigate through any or all stages of the journey out of an abusive relationship to live safely, free of violence and abuse.


Often women experiencing domestic abuse feel incredibly isolated with no one and nowhere to turn to that would understand. This isolation can be created by the possessiveness of the abuser, or it can happen because the victim is afraid or embarrassed that someone will find out.

The Daisy Centre facilitates a wide range of classes and clinics for women impacted by domestic abuse and violence to address the problem of isolation and other issues. These classes are designed to connect women to their local community, other women and provide them with on-going psychological support.