About Us

Who are we?

North Shore Women’s Benevolent Association (“NSWBA”) is a not-for-profit organisation established to support women and children who need help because of domestic violence.

NSWBA has full charity and tax deductible status.

ACNC Registered Charity Tick

What is our mission?

Our mission is to establish and operate a hostel to provide crisis accommodation for women and their dependent children escaping domestic violence. The hostel will be called Mary’s House.

The hostel is in the Lower North Shore area, but its exact location is not publicised for security reasons.

Although a number of people who have helped to first establish Mary’s House are associated with the Jesuit Parish of Our Lady of the Way in North Sydney, Mary’s House is a non-denominational initiative. One of our goals is to partner with other community groups in this project while remaining committed to the Jesuit principle of “in all things to love and serve”. 

What is the need?

  • Across Australia, including the Lower North Shore of Sydney, there is a desperate need for accommodation for women and children seeking escape from situations of domestic violence. 
  • Domestic violence is often hidden due to embarrassment, fear, control and financial dependence.   It can manifest as physical violence, with the pathway to this being years of emotional, financial and psychological abuse.  
  • Across the Lower North Shore area, there is a substantial immigrant population. Women who experience domestic violence from these groups are considered the most ‘in need’ because they are often on visas, in fear of being deported, have no family or support network, and are culturally and linguistically isolated.
  • Other care providers and organisations such as North Sydney Police have indicated that the need for accommodation is overwhelming with at least one in every two women seeking a bed being turned away on any given day.